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I-Ying Kuo 郭懿瑩

Postdoctoral Fellow

Special skills : tumor-immunology, DNA methylation/biomarkers, clinical samples-lab data integration.

Hobbies: 旅行、電影、爬山、畫畫 

Chih-Hsiung Hsieh 謝智雄 

Postdoctoral Fellow

Special skills: physics, biophysics/ biomedicine, nanoparticle drug discovery.


Hsin-Tzu Chang 張欣慈

Administrative Assistant

行政事務處理、 臨床檢體管理.


Hung-Chia Hsieh 謝宏嘉

PhD student

Special skills: The mechanism of regulated genes post-translational modification/ubiquitination in immune cells, virus package and infection system.

Hobbies: 登山/健行

You-En Yang 楊侑恩

PhD student

Special skills: animal model, BMDM isolation/ ex vivo-culture system, TIRFM.

Hobbies: 運動、旅行、對於咖啡跟調酒有一點點研究

Fu-Hsuan Shih 石馥瑄

PhD student

Special skills:  animal model, nanoparticle preparation.

Hobbies: 攝影

Pei-Chia Su 蘇珮嘉

PhD student

Special skills: drugs development 

Hobbies: 喝咖啡, 看推理小說, 打羽球

Yi-Shan Liu 劉易姍

Master student [2020/07~

Study topic: PD-1 phosphorylation in T cell

Special skills: IP-WB/ IF-staining

Hobbies: 打老人羽球、和可愛動物對話、旅遊

Pei-Shiuan Ho 何沛萱

Master student [2020/07~

Study topic: the role of GSN in ESCC model

Special skills: CM collection, ELISA

Hobbies: 看漫畫、追劇、玩遊戲

Hsun Liu 劉薰

Master student [2021/07~

Study topic: the role of IL-33 in the ESCC tumor microenvironment. 

Special skills: qRT-PCR/ IHC/ICC, ChIP

Hobbies: 鋼琴 

Jing-Yu Chen 陳鏡宇

Master student [2021/07~

Study topic: combination treatment / humanized n3L1 antibody treatment in PDAC model.

Special skills: animal model, ELISA

Hobbies: 籃球 

YCW lab, No. 1 University Road, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan 701, Taiwan
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